• Kim Upton

It takes as long as it takes

“There's a time for exposure; until then keep laboring in obscurity.”

― Bernard Kelvin Clive

There is no harm in casting about. Life is once fantastic possibility after another, with so many opportunities to make beautiful mistakes. The best we can do is just try to get along in the world, and not harm anyone, or anything, in the process.

I firmly believe that we are sent folks to give us a leg up - a tapestry of support, if you will. Some of them sparkle like the stars, while others make a choice to suck the light out of everything they can see. How we react to the actions of others, whether to learn or not, rests on our shoulders. Eleanor Roosevelt had it correct when she stated that it takes our consent to have others make us feel less than we are. Being alive is such a fragile and delicate experience, one that shouldn't be wasted in worry or expectation.

Is there something in your life that feels as if it's taken a bit longer than you would like? Do you feel like the Universe is sending you messages, but they aren't always easy to understand? Sometimes it is good to discuss these things with another person, and have then provide a different perspective. Also, we are surrounded by those that love us, whether with us now, or who have crossed over. Being able to connect with that energy can help move obstacles from your path, giving you a new way of seeing.

While things do take time, giving a feeling of overwhelm, know that it's always a good idea to reach out to someone. Sometimes all we need is for someone to listen.

All my love, Kim

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