About Kim

“Set your life on fire. Seek those who fan your flames.” - Rumi

Kim has been involved in the healing arts and spirituality for over 25 years. Spending hours in the fields making "remedies" for the animals on her family's farm, taking flowers to the graves at the church next to her home, and having an "uncanny" ability to sense things before they happened, led Kim to begin researching the merging of science and spirituality from a very young age.

In her work, Kim’s heart-centered approach comes from a place of deep empathy and caring. Her goal is to assist clients with releasing and balancing all aspects of their body/mind/spirit so that emotional/physical patterns start to shift - allowing for greater peace, harmony, and well-being to be experienced. Kim is also trained in trauma informed care, and can assist those who need safe and compassionate care.

Kim has studied, and is certified, in a wide range of healing modalities including: Reiki, holistic health, intuitive counseling, spiritual midwifery, frequency healing, yoga, herbalism, wellness coaching, and spiritual direction.

If you would like to book a reading, or consultation, please click the "contact" tab above. When writing, please make sure to fill in the message box, as this helps when replying to your query.

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The Politics of Energy

  “Magic lies in between things, between the day and the night, between yellow and blue,  between any two things.” ― Charles de Lint